Join the HWAI Network

We invite you to join the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI) network.  HWAI is the civil-society led network of the Global Health Workforce Alliance.  This network will be an on-going forum for strategizing, advocacy support, information sharing, and idea and information generation.

The HWAI network is open to anyone who would like to be involved in advocacy for the resources and policies needed to strengthen the health workforce and the accompanying health systems so as to enables countries to achieve the health-related Millennium Development Goals, Universal Access to AIDS treatment, prevention, care, and support by 2010, and other health goals and commitments.  HWAI’s vision and goals are at the end of this invitation.

To join

please email your name, e-mail address, affiliation, and country to Sharonann Lynch of MSF at, who administers the [HCW] listserv, the virtual home of the HWAI network.

the HWAI is supported by the GHWA

Network participants have the opportunity to contribute to the newly launched Campaign for Sustainable Health Workforce Financing.  This first campaign of HWAI is aimed at securing the greatly increased funding required to meet health workforce and other health system needs.  We hope that this network can become a significant source of information to provide the evidence base needed for an effective campaign, as well as for ideas, solidarity and advocacy power, perspectives, and other support needed for a successful campaign. 

While we are focusing heavily on this campaign for sustainable financing for the health workforce, this listserv and network should be a forum for other exchanges to enhance health workforce advocacy, such as around current policy debates on task-shifting – or whatever will support you in your advocacy. 

We hope that this network will become an extensive, global community that is civil society-led and open to all who believe that they can contribute to and benefit from the network, the forum for a social movement dedicated to strengthening the health workforce, the systems on which health workers depend, and ultimately – and primarily – the people who will live or die, who will heal or who will suffer, depending on the strength of the health system and the health workforce.

Become more involved in HWAI!

Would you like to become more involved in HWAI’s activities?  Please contact the HWAI Chair, Eric Friedman, to explore possibilities.